Napoleone Fasto Imperiale –
I Tesori della Fondation Napoléon

  • Façade of the Museo Napoleonico in Rome © Fondation Napoléon
  • Coronation room at the exhibition "Napoleone. Fasto imperiale" ("Napoleon and imperial splendour") © Fondation Napoléon
  • Exhibition "Napoleone. Fasto imperiale" ("Napoleon and imperial splendour") in Rome © Fondation Napoléon


In 2008, the Museo napoleonico in Rome chose to inaugurate their new temporary exhibition rooms with pieces from the Fondation Napoléon’s collection. The scenography, with its modernisim and elegance, admirably exhibited the masterpieces of the collection in all their glory, as well as those borrowed from the Musée de l’armée and the Musée national de Malmaison, close partners of the Fondation Napoléon.

The second stage of this Franco-Italian collaboration saw the island of Elba welcome this exhibition to their marvellous Napoleonic museums, the Palazina dei Mulini, Napoleon’s official residence at Portoferraio, and the Galleria Demidoff, at the foot of Villa San Martino. More than 70,000 visitors took time out from the island’s heavenly beaches to come and admire these treasures of the Fondation’s collection.

Place: Museo napoleonico, Rome, and Museo nazionale delle residenze napoleoniche, Portoferraio, Elba
Dates: Rome, 15 February – 25 May 2008; Elba, 12 June – 12 September 2008
Curated by: Bernard Chevallier, Giulia Gorgone, Karine Huguenaud, Roberta Martinelli, Maria Elisa Tittoni
Scenography: Rome – Piercarlo Crachi; Elba – Piero Castri (Opera Laboratori Fiorentini Spa)
Catalogue: the catalogue is available in Italian and is published by Sillabe (external link in Italian).