Activities and Services

  • Sharing the History

    The ensemble of history sites and services offered by the Fondation Napoléon:

  • Furthering Research

    Via its Napoleonica® trademark, the Fondation Napoléon offers a panoply of research tools on the history of the First and Second Empires. Also includes the History Prizes, Research Grants and publications.

  • Preserving the Heritage

    The Fondation Napoléon is a registered charity (since 1987) committed to the encouragement of the study of and interest in the history of the Napoleonic period, the Consulate, First and Second Empires and the preservation of Napoleonic heritage.

  • Sharing the Collection

    The Fondation Napoléon possesses a collection of more than 1,500 pieces. As part of its core mission, it frequently organises and participates in exhibitions worldwide. Via the furniture, paintings, ceramics and militaria, the Collection serves primarily as a source of illustrations of the history of the Napoleonic periods.