Renewal of the “Minou Amir-Aslani” study grant

Renewal of the “Minou Amir-Aslani” study grant
The 2014 Grants winners alongside Her Imperial Highness the Princess Napoléon and Victor-André Masséna, Prince d'Essling, President of the Fondation Napoléon and Sir Peter Ricketts, British Ambassador to France. © Fondation Napoléon

In 2012, the Fondation Napoléon and Ardavan Amir-Aslani agreed that for five years a Fondation Napoléon scholarship would be awarded annually in memory of his mother, Minou Amir-Aslani.

Mr Amir-Aslani has decided to extend his financial support for the scholarships awarded annually by the Fondation Napoléon for a further five years, from 2017 to 2021 inclusive.

Minou Amir-Aslani was born in Tehran on 18 January 1935 and died in Paris on 13 September 2010. She was a great lady, and passionate about literature and history. Particularly interested in the history of the French Revolution and the First Empire, she showed a real interest in the life of the Emperor Napoleon I and the role played by the latter in the codification of laws and in the organisation of the French judicial system. Born in Iran at a moment in history when that country was already troubled, she has spent her lifetime, mainly in France and Germany, working for more open-mindedness and acceptance of the others. She was an admirer of the teaching of history and law in France, a country whose civil law tradition had influenced the judicial system and the positive law of her country of origin, and she always accorded the highest respect to university research. She considered that the only way worth following was the quest for knowledge, which guaranteed independence of mind and freedom for those who chose to take it.

Here are the recipiants of the first “Minou Amir-Aslani” grants awarded between 2012 and 2016 :

“MINOU AMIR-ASLANI” Grant 2016 : Laura BROCCARDO, Défaire l’histoire, refaire l’Histoire : l’écriture des possibles dans l’œuvre de Germaine de Staël (1785-1818)
History PhD supervised by Professor Florence LOTTERIE (Université Paris VII – Diderot, France)

“MINOU AMIR-ASLANI” Grant 2015 : Solène SAZIO, Hippolyte Bellangé (1800-1866), l’artiste en son temps
History PhD supervised by Professors Ségolène LE MEN and Yannick MAREC (Université de Rouen, France)

“MINOU AMIR-ASLANI” Grant” 2014 : Antoine RENGLET : La police des villes de l’espace belge de la Révolution à la fin du Premier Empire (1780-1814)
History PhD supervised by Professor Catherine DENYS (Université Lille III) and Axel TIXHON (Université de Namur – Belgium)

“MINOU AMIR-ASLANI” Grant 2013 : Benoit HABERT : La protection des libertés publiques sous le Second Empire
History PhD supervised by Professors François SAINT-BONNET and Brigitte BASDEVANT-GAUDEMET (Universités Paris II Assas et Paris XI- Sceaux, France)

“MINOU AMIR-ASLANI” Grant 2012 : Marion NARRAN : La résistance conservatrice à l’individualisme juridique. Doctrine civiliste et initiatives législatives (1789-1830)
History PhD supervised by Professor Jean-Luc Coronel de Boissezon (Université Montpellier I, France)


Paris, 5 April 2017