La proclamation de l’Empire. Recueil de documents (The proclamation of Empire: Source texts)

2001ProclamationEmpireLa Proclamation de l’Empire (The proclamation of Empire) makes available previously unpublished documents concerning the parliamentary debate which preceded the proclamation of the First Empire by the Senate, 18 May, 1804. From Curée’s motion to the final sénatus-consulte, and passing via Carnot’s speech opposing the motion and about forty or more other texts, this collection of source texts is perfectly designed for those wishing to get to the bottom of the proclamation, which is not simply a question of the coronation, as is well known. Biographies of the main players and a bibliography complete this first volume in the theme, Sources.

La Proclamation de l’Empire, Fondation Napoléon – Nouveau Monde Éditions, 320 p., 34 euros, (in French)