Michel Kérautret: Documents diplomatiques du Consulat et de l’Empire. Tome 3 : Les grands traités de l’Empire (1810-1815) (Diplomatic Documents of the Consulate and the Empire. Volume 3: Major Treaties of the Empire)


The third and final volume of Kérautret’s series covers the period from Napoleon’s alliance with Austria until the fall of the Empire. This is the period of collapse, first gradually, then more brutally, of the continental system Napoleon had imagined. The Russian (1812), German (1813), French (1814) and Belgian (1815) campaigns each bring their own set of treaties. After leading the game in Europe for ten years, Napoleonic France found itself back to square one, or even in retreat, diplomatically speaking. The author provides a summary of the diplomatic situation surrounding each treaty, the negotiations and the ratifications.

Paris: Fondation Napoléon – Nouveau Monde Éditions, 2004, Série Sources, 336 p. To order, click here: Nouveau Monde Editions. For the other works in the series, see Volume 1: 1799-1804 and Volume 2: 1804-1810.