Iradj Amini : Napoléon et la Perse (Napoleon and Persia)

1995AminiPerse In 1796, the Directory decided to re-launch Franco-Persian relations suspended since the Regency. In the aftermath of the Egyptian expedition, Napoleon in keeping with the oriental ambitions of the First Consul, decided to make a treaty with Persia in 1807. The complex nature of Anglo-Russian and Franco-Russian alliances made the position of the French diplomats in Persia completely untenable. Furthermore, Napoleon’s attention was drawn ever increasingly towards the theatre of operations in central Europe, abandoning his oriental dream: from 1809 on, Britain was to remain the unique powering the region.
These years of complex diplomacy have been studied using original, Persian, French and English documents.
Iradj Amini, born in 1935 in Teheran, has studied political sciences, sociology and international relations at Washington, Teheran and Oxford.

Paris: Fondation Napoléon, 1995, 254 pages, 20,58 Euros, Language: French.