Guy Godlewski: Napoléon à l’île d’Elbe, 300 jours d’exil (Napoléon on the Island of Elba: 300 days of Exile)

2003GodlewskiElbeFor three hundred days from May 1814 to February 1815, Napoleon ruled over an “operetta kingdom” to which the Allies had exiled him after the campaign in France. There, on Elba, the man who had dominated and led Europe behaved like a sovereign, overseeing in minute detail the government of a few square kilometres and a few thousands subjects. He was soon however rather bored by it, so it wasn’t long before escape plans and return to France were the order of the day. These are all aspects that G. Godlewski has covered in this master study, which despite having been written over forty years ago, “has neither aged nor been replaced” according to Jean Tulard who wrote the preface…
Paris : Éditions of the Fondation Napoléon – Nouveau Monde Éditions, 2003, Series Grands historiens, 260 pages. Language: French.
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