Emmanuel de Waresquiel: Lettres d’un lion: correspondance inédite du général Mouton, comte de Lobau, avec son épouse (1812-1815) (Letters of a lion: the unpublished correspondence of General Mouton, Comte de Lobau, to his wife)

Georges Mouton (1770-1838) was one of the principal protagonists of the imperial epic. For Napoleon Bonaparte he was ‘the best colonel who had ever commanded a French regiment’. By the end of the Empire, he had become general of the division, replacing Soult at the head of the Guard in July 1813, commanding the 1st corps of the Grande Armée (at Dresden) and the 6th (at Waterloo). He became one of the oldest aides-de-camp of Napoleon. Emmanuel de Waresquiel, one of the best specialists of the first half of the nineteenth century, presents here an extract of General Mouton’s passionate and lively letters to Félicité d’Arberg, the woman he married ‘upon Napoleon’s orders’. A political marriage turned love story.

Paris: Fondation Napoléon – Nouveau Monde Editions, 2005, Series Biographie, 206 p. To order, click here: Nouveau Monde Éditions.