D. Chanteranne, I. Veyrat-Masson: Napoleon à l’écran. Cinéma et télévision (Napoleon on screen. Cinema and television)


700 feature films, 300 television shows: for over a century the fascination with Napoleon has manifested itself both on the large and the small screen. A synthetic study for movie lovers, the first part of this book traces the major cinematic moments of our hero and analyzes the ideological or political options of the directors. As a striking counterpoint, the second part studies how French television in turn – from La Caméra explore le temps (1957) to France 2’s “Napoleon” Series (2002) –  took hold of the myth: with documentaries, debates, or soap operas.

Paris: Éditions of the Fondation Napoléon – Nouveau Monde Éditions, 2003, Series Études, 180 pages. Language: French.

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