Barry E. O’Meara: Journal. Napoléon dans l’exil (Napoleon in exile)

1993OmearaNapoleonExil1et2O’Meara was the first doctor to accompany Napoléon to Saint Helena. An Irishman, he gradually began to side with the Napoleon and the French who accompanied him into exile; so much so that he was recalled to Britain by the British government 1818. His journal, which carefully records the opinions and acts to which he was witness, is one of the key sources for Napoleon’s first years on Saint Helena.

Paris: Fondation Napoléon, 1993. Language: French.
Tome 1 : 7 August 1815 – 20 April 1817 (477 p.)
Tome 2 : 21 April 1817 – 25 July 1818 (454 p.)