Volume X: Un Grand Empire. Mars 1810-Mars 1811

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The period from March 1810 to March 1811 was rich in many ways as described in the letters of Napoleon: on an intimate level (conflict between siblings, marriage to Marie-Louise, …) as well as politically (strengthening of the Napoleonic administration in certain conquered lands, permanent reorganization of the army, management of the “Domaine extraordinaire”, stand-off with anti-concordat clerics…). It is a crucial moment in the French Empire, highlighted by Annie Jourdan’s introduction, as well as by the many explanatory notes in the pages of this tenth volume. (M. Bruchard)




Preface, Patrice Guenniffey

Introduction, Annie Jourdan

Edition Principal, François Houdecek

Correspondance (from March 1810 to March 1811)

List of letters in private collections: contents unknown

Étude : “L’instrument du règne : le Domaine extraordinaire, by Pierre Branda


– Currency and measurement conversion table
– The « pays réservés » of Napoléon Ier
– Maps:

  • The French Empire divided into 130 departements
  • The military divisions (1810)
  • The lines of communication in 1810-1811
  • The Balkans in 1810
  • The Iberian Peninsula (January – June 1810)
  • The Iberian Peninsula (July 1810 – March 1811)

– Chronology (March 1810 – March 1811), by Irène Delage
– Handwritten sources and bibliography
– Index of Proper Names, by Michel Roucaud
– Index of places

The Fondation Napoléon is supported in this historical adventure by the Archives de France, the Fondation La Poste and over a hundred volunteers.

Annie Jourdan (director of publication), in collaboration with Michel Roucaud, assisted by François Houdecek and Marie de Bruchard; preface by Patrice Gueniffey.

Paris : Éditions Fayard, 2014, 1590 pages.