Volume IX: Wagram. Février 1809-Février 1810

Mise en page 1In total, 3,265 letters feature in this 9th volume of the Correspondance de Napoléon, among them are letters sent to the minister of War, Clarke, which have never been seen before.
This new volume reveals a portrait of the Emperor, whose energy, authority, attention to detail and also whose sentiments regarding his entourage appears directly through his letters.

The body of 3,265 letters is annotated and completed with a list of letters of which the existence but contents are not known, as well as the following appendices:

– Measurements and money
– Titles and peerage
– Union of the Papal States
– Treaty of the peace of Vienna
– Treaty of the Peace between France and Sweden
– Union of the Roman States
– The state of the Army in Germany
– Three maps showing the Austrian campaign from April 1809
– Three maps showing the operations in Spain between February and December 1809.
– A map of northern Europe in 1809.
– Names of places cited in the correspondence and their modern equivalents.
– Timeline (February 1809 – February 1810), by Irène Delage.

Patrice Gueniffey (ed.) with Michel Inglebert, assisted by François Houdecek, Soléna Cheny and Irène Delage; preface by Michel Kerautret.

Paris: Éditions Fayard, 2013, 1944 pages.