Volume III: Pacifications, 1800-1802

corresp 3This third volume of the Correspondance générale de Napoléon published by the Fondation Napoléon with Editions Fayard contains 2,567 letters written during the period from 1800 to 1802, 700 of which are thought not to have been previously published. Whilst the previous periods (covered in the first two volumes) were dogged by possibly forgeries, from 1800 on, the Correspondence stands on surer ground. Napoleon was at that time assisted by several secretaries and his writings were less personal. Indeed, it was political questions which occupied Napoleon Bonaparte, for at that time he was head of state. 1800-1802 is an important period: this is the time for «pacification», for the reconstruction of France, as it found its way out of the Revolution.
This volume, prefaced by Jean Tulard, Member of the Institut, and edited by Thierry Lentz, with the assistance of Gabriel Madec, offers in addition to the letters annotated by the best specialists, the detailed timeline, the customary maps and indices, four studies, namely: «Bourrienne, secrétaire de Bonaparte» by Jacques Jourquin, «La politique consulaire aux Antilles» by Thierry Lentz, «Finances publiques et budgets du Consulat» by Pierre Branda and «L’armée de Réserve en Italie» by Gabriel Madec. All in all, a gigantic achievement.

Thierry Lentz (ed.), working with Gabriel Madec, assisted by d’Emilie Barthet, Irène Delage and François Houdecek, preface by Jean Tulard, of the Institut.

Paris : Éditions Fayard, 2006, 1 406 pages.