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Amaclio Productions contributes to the promotion of historical heritage through its monumental sound-and-light shows. On the occasion of the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, the famous show “La Nuit aux Invalides” returns with a brand new edition to commemorate the Emperor with “Napoléon – L’envol de l’Aigle” [“Napoleon – The Flight of the Eagle”]. In the grandiose and emblematic setting of the Cour d’honneur of the Invalides, come and relive the Napoleonic legend with this video-mapping show. Extend your evening with a night visit of the Dome Church, the last residence of the Emperor and his sentinels, Vauban, Lyautey, Foch and the “Aiglon”.

More information on the Nuit aux Invalides website.

This information was updated on 28 April 2021.

Sound and light show > “La Nuit aux Invalides : Napoleon – the flight of the Eagle”
7 July – 26 August 2021

It promises to be THE show of the summer in Paris, a show unique in its history, its grandeur, its cutting-edge technology and the dream it inspires…
Amaclio Productions celebrate this year the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death with “The Flight of the Eagle”.
During a mythical evening, come and relive the dazzling career of this man who set the pace in Europe for twenty years.
Come and spend the night at Les Invalides and rediscover the parts of the Emperor’s life that have forged the “Napoleonic legend”, but also the legacy that his epic has left us. An ogre for some, a genius for others, Napoleon leaves no one indifferent.
Prolong the evenign with a walk to the Dôme Church where you will meet Vauban, Lyautey, Foch and the Aiglon whose tombs surround that of the Emperor (supplementary charge for this visit, subject to availability).

Times: 10.30pm in July; 10pm in August.

Esplanade des Invalides – grille d’honneur, Paris
129 rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris

Tickets available here: Nuit aux Invalides


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