Napoleonica® the journal n°3 is out now!

<i>Napoleonica® the journal</i> n°3 is out now!

This third issue of Napoleonica® the journal, entitled The origins of the Napoleonic State, considers the Consulate along these lines, first, through the lens of the extraordinary man himself. Read more

The journal is free to read online and to download AND printable on demand for a small fee.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this issue:

• Editorial, Peter Hicks
• Considerations on the first reforms of the Consulate, Patrice Gueniffey
• Napoleon Bonaparte’s participation in Council of State debates on family issues, Leila Saada
Bonaparte’s concordat and its survival, Roland Minnerath
• A lifelong and hereditary power: the question of the Parallèle entre César, Cromwel[sic], Monck et Bonaparte, Antonio D’Onofrio
• Counting the bodies and remembering the dead in times of war: French Army casualties during the Second Italian War of Independence (1859–1860), Loïc Pingot
• Valentina Dal Cin. Il mondo nuovo. L’élite veneta fra rivoluzione e restaurazione (1797 – 1815). Venice: Edizioni Ca’Foscari. Studi di storia 7, 2019, 398 (including extensive bibliography and index). Doina Pasca Harsanyi
• Thompson, Mark S., Wellington and the Lines of Torres Vedras: The Defense of Portugal during the Peninsular War 1807-1814 (Book No. 75 in the ‘From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815 Series’), Helion & Company, Warwick [UK], 2021, 224; ISBN: 1914059859, Michael A. Bonura
• Année philologique Napoléonienne 2022-2023, Alexander Mikaberidze, Peter Hicks

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8 June 2023