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In 2002, the Fondation Napoléon launched the ambitious project of publishing the extensive general correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte (public and private letters), in collaboration with the Fayard publishing house.
With the support of numerous sponsors and partnerships with public and private institutions, patrons, private collectors and volunteers throughout the world, the Fondation Napoléon has published 15 volumes containing 40,500 letters, many of them previously unpublished. 18 years after its publication in print, the first volume of the Correspondence, devoted to the formative years (1784-1797) of the young Napoleon Bonaparte, is now available online, free of charge, on the Napoleonica® les archives website.

This first volume of the Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte brings together 2,283 letters written between 1784 and 1797. This important task of collecting letters, both from French and foreign archives and from private collectors, has made it possible to offer researchers many more previously unpublished letters, as well as letters with texts that have been revised and corrected with respect to the versions published during the Second Empire. Annotations by the greatest specialists make it THE reference edition to date. Numerous letters discovered since the publication of the paper volume are also made available online: this first corpus thus brings together 2,647 annotated letters.

► Presentation by François Houdecek, project manager for the edition of Napoleon’s Correspondence, in charge of special projects at the Fondation Napoléon [select English subtitles in the settings at the bottom of the window]:

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17 May 2022


The Fondation presented this online publication at an event at the Hôtel de Bourriènne in Paris on 16 May 2022.

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