Conference >Napoleon III and the Economy (Paris, 25-26 November 2020)

Conference >Napoleon III and the Economy (Paris, 25-26 November 2020)

This 2-day conference on the theme of “Napoleon III and the economy”, jointly organised by the Banque de France, the Fondation Napoléon and the Sorbonne, in partnership with the Fontaine Haussmann bookshop, will explore Napoleon III’s economic ideas and his relations with the economic world.

It takes place on 25 and 26 November 2020 in the conference hall of the Banque de France, Paris.

Programme (in French)  ◄

The talks will be organised around the following themes:

  • The economic thinking of the reign
  • From theory to practice: budgets and credits
  • The men of the economy
  • Infrastructure, technology and major works
  • Internal Trade
  • Foreign trade
  • Economic prosperity, social progress and their showcases
  • The limits

with François VILLEROY de GALHAU, gouvernor the Banque de France; Victor-André MASSENA, prince d’Essling, President of Fondation Napoléon; Pierre BRANDA; Eric ANCEAU; Serge SCHWEITZER; Dominique BARJOT; Thierry LENTZ; François de COUSTIN; Hubert BONIN; Thierry CLAEYS; Matthieu de OLIVEIRA; Nicolas STOSKOPF; Arnaud MANAS; Agnès d’ANGIO-BARROS; Frédéric BARBIER; Jean-François BELHOSTE; Clémence BECQUET; Laurent THEIS; Georges RIBEILL; Marie-Françoise BERNERON-COUVENHES; Bruno MARNOT; Michel HAU; BOURILLON; Michel CARMONA; Michel CADOT ; Juliette GLIKMANN ; Chantal PREVOT; Arnaud TEYSSIER; David TODD ; Olivier BAUSTIAN ; Jean-François KLEIN; Caroline PIQUET; Nicolas WALEWSKI; Nadine VIVIER; Thierry RENAUX; Édouard VASSEUR; Vincent HAEGELE; Xavier MAUDUIT; Agnès SANDRAS; Jean-Marc DANIEL; Frantz LAURENT.

More information about how to participate will be available in September 2020.

published 7 May 2020.