Musée National de la Marine > The “Canot de l’Empereur” at the Ateliers des Capucins (Brest, France)

Musée National de la Marine > The “Canot de l’Empereur” at the Ateliers des Capucins (Brest, France)
Installation of the Emperor's barge, Brest, 5 February 2020, before restoration © Musée national de la Marine

Seventy-five years after the Emperor’s barge was first transfered from Brest to Paris, the 210-year-old vessel was returned to its port of origin in October 2018, coïnciding with the complete renovation of the Paris site of the French National Maritime Museum [Musée de la Marine-Paris ] (whose re-opening is planned for 2022). After almost a year and a half aclimatising to its new environment in a closed container at the Brest site of the National Maritime Museum, the historic vessel has now been installed at its final berth at the Ateliers des Capucins in that same town. From April to May this year, the public will be able to watch the restoration of this exceptional object.

Timetable of the series of operations taking place in 2020:
January 22: opening of the crate
January 23: the barge is moved
January 27-31: dismantling of the metal armature
February 5: Lifting of the vessel and installation on
the permanent base
11 to 13 February: adjustment of the cradles with
the Britton company
February 17 to 18: dismantling of the chassis
March: asessment of bids for the restoration work
April – May: restoration work
June: finalisation of the work on the scenography

Finally, in mid-July 2020, the Barge will be officially unveiled for all to see at the inauguration of the
Maritime Pole of Excellence.

Talking point with Vincent Campredon Director of the Musée National de la Marine: The Emperor’s barge returns to its home port of Brest (October 2018) (in English)

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7 February 2020

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