New Year’s Address 2019, Victor-André Masséna, Prince d’Essling, President of the Fondation Napoléon

“Dear friends,

Over the past year the Fondation Napoléon has brought to completion two key projects:

And I would like to add that we have also continued to do our job providing accurate information and serious commentary on the history of the two French Empires for the broadest possible audience.

We intend to tackle 2019 with the same enthusiasm and vigour as we did for the past year, encouraging interest and preserving the heritage in all things Napoleonic.

“Encouraging interest” via our talks, via our participation in colloquia of all sorts, and via the Napoleonic history course which we support at the Institut catholique de Vendée, among many other things.

“Preserving the heritage”, with our participation in many different exhibitions, both in France and elsewhere, and via the financial support we have given to various museums and monuments.

Join us. It looks like it’s going to be a great Napoleonic year.

And so, on behalf of myself and also all those who work with and for the Fondation Napoléon, I wish you an excellent year 2019.”