Publication of the 15th and final volume of the Correspondance of Napoleon

Entitled “The Downfalls”, this 15th and last volume of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Correspondance générale covers the darkest periods, but also in some respects the most exciting, of the epic. It leads us in the footsteps of the Emperor, from the plains of Champagne to the rock of St Helena via the island of Elba and Waterloo. Of the 2,398 letters published, 61% were not included in previous editions. They shed new light on the end of the Napoleonic episode as well as on the final exile.
This last volume also proposes the addenda to the General Correspondence for the period 1784-1813, i.e. 378 unpublished letters, mostly from private collections which could not be published in previous volumes.

This editorial project was initiated in 2002, with the first volume appearing in 2004.
Nearly 40,500 letters were published annotated in 15 volumes.

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